Hummer Hire

When you have a fleet of vehicles that is as large as our fleet has become it is sometimes not easy for our clients to make a decision on which one to decide upon. One thing that is sure though. A lot would depend on the number of people who will require a seat as a passenger in the automobile and this is often the deciding factor for many travelling parties. If you need a car that can accommodate as few as 2 or as many as 22, we will be able to help you out. If you have a very large number of guests or family members and friends tagging along with you, it may mean that you will require a secondary vehicle in order to accommodate the large crowd of people. Don’t worry about this though, as this is often the case. Ask our local limo rental experts what vehicles are available on the day of your event and please also let them know how many will be travelling on the day itself.

Not so long ago, we had one party where there was 12 people going to the venue and towards the end of the evening they had met some other people at the wedding reception that were not expected to travel at all and there was all of a sudden too many people to fit in the one car that was prearranged. Limo Hire Eastbourne were, of course, able to help by having another chauffeur driven stretch car come over to join us so that everyone who wanted to be transferred onto the final hotel destination, were able to do so. All in all it was a highly successful event but it is always better if we know in advance how many intend on going for any ride.