Wedding Limo

Many of our clients are actually in need of a rental limo for a wedding. We do loads of local weddings in this area and know the roads well. One such wedding we provided transport for just last month was an absolute delight to attend. We get all the perks you see of being able to eat at some of the wedding we go to. It’s always a delight when a client says to the wedding chauffeur, ‘go on in and get yourself a plate of food. As our chauffeur was coming back to the car after his food, he physically caught a lady who went flying down the stairs and landed on top of him, almost. He actually saved her from a serious injury but it turned out that she was OK, just a little bruising to one of her ankles and both her elbows. You see, our chauffeurs are good for more than just driving, you know.

Anyway, that aside, here at Eastbourne Limo, we are positive that you will find the limo that dreams are made of for your up and coming function. Let us spoil you with royal VIP service that even the queen would be proud of. Red carpet treatment comes as an absolute standard when you book any vehicle through us. Give us a call today or fill out the little simple quote form on our get a quote section.